fruit salad breakfast


New American breakfast, fourth in a series, although there's hardly anything new about fruit for breakfast, nor anything uniquely American about it, and it fails to separate entirely from grain, still, you have to admit it's different from the usual thing you see on breakfast menus, in'nit?

Plus in defense of the grain here, this is hardly standard toast, no Sir, this is a small piece of that extraordinary sourdough baked of 50% home-milled grain using the Maui culture and that makes all the difference in the world. This type of bread does not instantly have its starches ripped apart nearly instantly into simpler sugars, to burn or to be stored as body fat, but rather it's digested more slowly and its components more beneficial, and because Ed Wood in World Sourdoughs from Antiquity said so, that's why. And he knoweth whereofeth he speaketh on account of being a scientist.

Plus there's olive oil and cheese to slow down that conversion and the assimilation of all the fructose here.

That's the theory, anyway.

The fruit was surplus cut for the Thanksgiving fruit salad I was assigned and saved vacuum sealed since then, three and a half days ago.

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