mirliton with shrimp

mirlitons with shrimp

These are the same mirlitons from below along with the same diced tomato and the other half of the same avocado and a portion of the same onion all from the previous mirlinton post, prepared the exact same way as below, and I mean the exact same way. 'Cept dif'ernt.

This time I took the advice of the gentleman at the grocer's who showed me these mirlitons and used a white cream sauce, except I did not cook the mirlitons or the avocado or the tomato or the cheese, and barely cooked the shrimp. So it amounts to a cooked white sauce, enhanced of course with spices, then the wet shrimp and onion directly into the sauce, heat turned off, then everything else added. It probably would have been better had I used wine.

* two teaspoons or so of butter
* scant teaspoon flour
* chipotle powder
* garlic powder

Form roux

* diced onion
* 3/4 cup milk (try wine next time)

Form a sauce

* thawed shrimp until pink -- about 2 minutes.

Then off the heat

* 1/2 avocado
* diced tomato
* shredded Parmigiano Reggiano
* torn basil

It all goes so terribly logically, first this, then that, then this, then bippity bippity, buh-boom-tish, done.

Photograph and serve. Did I just now say photograph? Forget about that step, not necessary. Although there is no harm in whipping out your phone/camera, snap a pic, mobile-upload to Facebook and show everybody what you got up to. No point in keeping all this incredible knowledge to yourself. Just say'n. I notice people sometimes struggle when it comes to creative ideas, here's your chance to help 'em out a little.

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