sweet potato crisps

sweet potato crisps

peeled sweet potato for sweet potato crisps

soaking sweet potatoes for sweet potato crisps

drying sweet potatoes for sweet potato crisps
cut, soaked, dried.
not shown, fried in oil, drained, salted.

These are a whole magnitude of order better than regular potato crisps. I do not understand why all crisps aren't made from sweet potatoes. They're better for you aren't they? Intriguing. They taste a little bit pumpkin-y at first, then as your buds adjust you can not stop until they're gone, and by you I mean me. This was dinner.

Prepared the usual way: thinly sliced with a mandolin, soaked to get rid of excess surface starch, dried, dehydrated (in freezer this time, they can also be quickly blanched) fried at moderate 325℉ / 165℃. Stand there and watch them. Pull them when the bubbles calm down and you're satisfied they're crispy enough to suit you. Drain on kitchen paper, salt moderately while hot and still vulnerable.

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blake said...

Yeah, sweet potatoes are a lot better for you. I'll have to try this.

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