butternut squash cookies

Roasted butternut squash processed to slurry with honey, ginger and orange zest, dropped by the teaspoon full and gently pressed and spread down, returned to oven on low, approximately 100℉ (half way between 200 and OFF, I didn't measure temperature directly, but not as low as the oven could go because that was too cool) started at 11:00 PM ending at 9:00 AM, so 10 hours. I should add this is happening in Denver where drying occurs naturally even without heat, but come to think of it, they're a lot like good sun dried tomatoes.

These are the sort of things hikers would appreciate. Less so children. The flavor is concentrated and bright. They are tight, tough, leathery and delicious. I must say addictive. They take awhile to masticate.

This makes me want to try cookies made the ordinary way with flour. Those would be great too.

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Daniela said...

Oh mai,they look so yummy!!!

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