butternut squash ravioli

ravioli plated

butternut squash cut

I had a bit of a problem deciding what to put into my mixture. I was conflicted between savory and going along with the natural sweetness of the squash. I taste-tested with a small amount of brown sugar and decided against it. Mine would be full-on savory enhanced with unami of bacon, onion, garlic (in moderation, of course) and not least that of the portobello and truffle in the pecorino cream cheese that I decided on. How could I ruin all that with sugar? Gah! I couldn't. That would be a crime. I decided on adding a mysterious note of whisky instead of wine, careful not to overdo it because I don't care for whisky, actually, and to season it with fresh sage because I had it and it seemed autumninal autumninal autumnal to me, wot with the truffles and everything.

whiskey sage

bacon and onion for butternut mixture

Dadgumit. I still don't have any A/P flour so I used semolina and low-protein flour intended for cakes instead. Proceeded the usual way. Two gigantic chicken eggs, the whole things, along with 1/2 a broken shell (used as a cup) worth of water, twice, so that's like a whole egg's worth of water. That determined how much flour was added to result in a stiff dough. I kept alternating between semolina and soft processed white flour until it felt right, then covered and chilled while the butternut squash roasted in the oven.

eggs for pasta

pasta dough ball

raviolis being assembled

raviolis finished

I think a woman told me yesterday she had fontina cheese with the ravioli served in a restaurant but that sounded too desserty to me. I asked the pros at Tony's what they thought and they recommended three types so I got all three. I intended to taste them all but then didn't bother because I liked the Pecorino Sardo with truffles and porcini so much there was no point in confusing the issue. I diluted it a little with milk heated in the microwave then whipped it to a froth. It was so excellent, when I was finished I licked my plate like a dog because I didn't want to waste a single molecule. And if you think I'm the only one who does this you'd be wrong ! Check out this guest at the Fat Duck, Heston Blumenthal's ✭✭✭ restaurant in Bray, just outside London. "That's enough, Dear." Ha ha ha ha ha ha.


plate licked clean
(I made that plate ↑)
I believe this concludes my butternut squash obsession.


Deena and I had lunch at Tony's today. This was the first time either of us had been there. It was totally packed. They have great food they bring over from their adjoining store which is a lot like Whole Foods, by way of comparison. You place your order then go to a table and they bring it to you when it's done. I had the Wagyu hamburger without a bun (I'm a bun elitist, what can I say?) That's not Deena ↓, just some woman who happened to be there.


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