Potato chips

potato chips plated

This was dinner -- a potato.

* Potato sliced and soaked to rid the slices of excess surface starch
* Slices dried
* Slices chilled in freezer uncovered to desiccate
* Fried at 325℉
* Salted while still vulnerable

potato and slicer for potato chips

potatoes sliced and drying for potato chips

sliced potatoes chilled and desiccated for potato chips

fried potato chips


dick said...

What is that white stuff with your chips. It looks like sour cream and chives but it looks thicker like maybe it has some cream cheese mixed in. Whatever it is it looks good and the chips look delicious.

JAL said...

Chip my boy -- I am convinced you have way too much time on your hands.

(Oh yeah, it all looks yummy.)

Chip Ahoy said...

The white stuff is mixed sour cream and Philadelphia cream cheese, the end of two little tubs, with diced chive added.

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