Two *click* two *click* two soups in one. Enhanced unapologetically with Madras curry and cayenne pepper got off to an insanely aromatic start in hot butter, yellow split pea and butternut squash soups combined. Crostini from down there ↓ which was pretty much the point of the whole thing, a magnitude of order beyond Club crackers and so worth the effort.


If I were to serve this for a dinner party or lunch, and that's likely, I would leave out any green vegetable at least to the very end to preserve the color of the legume or the gourd. That bright yellow of the split peas and the orange of the butternut squash was very attractive initially, all obscured and muddled by the green vegetables. I would watch it with spices too, careful to pick only those with color that agree, or consider sprinkling them on top of the finished dish, or maybe leave it for guests to sprinkle themselves.

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