bâton sourdough loaf

Wider than a baguette and shorter than those and heavier with semolina, altogether more substantial. 

This is made from half of the dough from a frozen sourdough pizza base that was refreshed with additional water, semolina and all purpose flour. Refrigerated for some four days or so, I lost count, maybe five, maybe six, and then refreshed again with more water carried over on my hands and scant all purpose flour dusted on top and kneaded again briefly to distribute new food and rearrange yeast cells so that the loaf springs back to life, folded into shape. Rather alarmed with its own resurrection the yeast took advantage of its new salubrious conditions and puffed up delightfully eager to be pleased while it can as if there is no tomorrow. Then before it was done, the loaf was slashed clean across and baked on high heat. Such is the uncertain cycle of life for a husbanded yeast colony, ever at the edge of wanton orgiastic abandon and abuse then destruction. 

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