hamburger, jalapeño, penne

I was surprised how quickly and effortlessly this went. 

Thinking of Mum tonight who flat did not like to cook. She hid her repulsion quite well and performed her maternal duty loyally but the whole thing began falling apart near the end through the use of boxed convenience foods wherever possible such as potato flakes, quick rices, boxed Roni-this-and-that dinners and the full range of Hamburger Helpers all still involving cooking and all still needing additional ingredients so not a complete abandonment, and once examined hardly a help at all. She fooled herself imagining she was getting out of unpleasant cook-tasks. These items are marketed for new cooks and people with scant imagination or interest. All of those partial-cooking type conveniences are as easily pulled off by purchasing items separately and combining them yourself. The whole grocery store aisle can be ignored with no forfeit whatsoever. The only thing those products actually help with is deciding the spices for you and providing powders that produce a sauce.

The seasons don't fear the spices, nor do the wind the sun or the rain.

This meal was completed faster than any of those things with items keep on hand and the advantage is ingredients are fresh. This is among the laziest meals possible, one step beyond cereal and milk. 

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