beef semolina noodle soup

Hearty soup that hits the spot, several spots actually; a few spots in my mouth, a spot in my throat, the large spot of my presently extended stomach, and later, well you know what I mean.

Scrounged meal based on the excellent frozen house beef stock from Tony's Market a few blocks down the street. I am resolved to never be without it. It is a bit more expensive than usual, more so than stock purchased in cartons and  tins, but so much better and so worth it and the stock stands well on its own with nothing else added. In fact I am hesitant to add anything at all for making it worse.

The noodles are made of one jumbo egg and 95% semolina flour with just enough all purpose flour to dry the mass then quickly rolled out onto a work surface and cut into squares. Fast as can be.

Tinned beans that never get used. I had the tins in the pantry for emergencies and I suppose this is such. Frozen corn that is not so great texture-wise. One large russet potato cut into small cubes and that is the thing that determined the length of time cooking. One small pork cutlet that I had been using for panko-coated tonkatsu for a full week here and there marinated in hot flavored liquid that I shared with the women downstairs in the office winning their admiration for my mad sauce-making skills. Finally pickled jalapeño, the remnant bits, the very last of a jar.

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