chicken salad with potato, pasta, jalapeño

Two jumbo eggs cooked in the pressure pot for ease of removing the shell. Actually, for making removing the shell possible. I've found in Denver that eggs shells flat do not come off hardboiled eggs no matter which technique is used. Try anything and it does not work. It never works. It always removes half the egg with it. I did try everything multiple times and it always results in the same mess. Why, it's enough to put you off hard- boiled eggs altogether.

Until I learned from reading Cooking for Geeks that commercial hard-boiled eggs are pressure cooked for ease of peeling and that changed everything. Now peeling hard-boiled eggs is no problem at all. Not ever. One egg or four dozen eggs, it doesn't matter, they all peel with ease, veritably fly out of their shells. Odd, that. The length of time cooking is not speeded. 

It has to do with boiling water being hotter than boiling water at sea level, and not with the length of time cooking. Apparently water or steam that is hotter than usual denatures the membrane between the egg shell and the white.

Today I cooked hard pasta and large chunks of potato along with the hardboiled eggs, and those things turned out a little too soft. They were not ruined, but I would have pulled them earlier had they not been locked up inside the pressure pot. 

Two jalapeños included with the intention of burning my face. But the potato and the pasta absorbed the capsaicin heat such the chiles had no heat effect at all. Their power was completely muted by the dullness of starches.

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