chile powder

In the west we use the spelling "chile" for the plant and the spelling "chili" for the meal made from the plant but elsewhere the terms are conflated. I nearly made powder myself from hot arbol chiles that I do have on hand, but then thought, "nah," then became distressed the grocery store spice racks had plenty of chili premix, always gives me heartburn, but cheered they do have specific types chile ancho, chile chipotle and such, but no cayenne, and it really should be offered in large and small tins. What gives? Oh! I am in the part of town that caters to Mexican immigrants. They have these packages all over the place. At least three areas of the same store. And delightfully it is a lot less expensive. The package does not specify which type of chile, but it is not cayenne, and who cares? It is most likely chile arbol just as I would have done myself.

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