dark chicken broth

Broth made of the bones and extraneous meat bits, cartilage, and skin including the neck bones from the whole chicken cut up into pieces at Whole Foods and cooked in two clay cloches yesterday. The remnants of that chicken are in chicken salad form presently and disappearing fast. Along with previous chicken bones and duck leg bones saved along the way frozen. All of those bones were roasted at once, they filled a whole baking tray. I accidentally erased the photographs taken of the bones prior to roasting, and after. That baking until veritably burned, completely dried the bones out, the largest bones crumbled when crushed with pliers and the extended heat accounts for the unusual darkness of the broth. The broth includes onion, garlic, carrots and celery, hot árbol chiles and a few spices and herbs.  

The effort produced three quarts of broth. The flavor is strong, somewhat aggressive. Unusually strong and dark for chicken broth. A yellow stain from onion skins coated the two pots used to strain the liquid,

The two containers will be chilled, the layer of fat that forms on the top will be lifted off and discarded for nearly entirely fat-free broth.

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