fried chicken, margarita

I did not have Cointreau for the drink so I used Grand Mariner instead. They are both orange flavored. The drink tasted off so one part simple syrup was added to fix it. 

1 part lime
1 part Grand Mariner
1 part tequila
1 part simple syrup

Whole chicken cut into parts. Having drank the margarita I formatted the camera's memory forgetting the photos of the whole chicken were on it. That is only two ounces of liquor and I'm wasted. 

A woman I camped out with fried chicken in a cast-iron pan with a heavy lid that fit tight. The oil covered only half the chicken parts. I protested the uncovered chicken would not cook but she assured me it would, and it did. The key was not lift the lid until the chicken was half way done. The hot oily steam inside cooks the rest. I have not been able to duplicate stovetop what she did over the campfire. 

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