soft taco, scrambled egg Mexican style breakfast

Man, is this ever good. Tortillas right off the griddle specifically for this breakfast. Where do you see that? Who does that? Nowhere! And nobody! That is what makes this breakfast so extraordinary. Plus the eggs are perfect. And the salad topping the things that I like, made specifically for me. It does not get better than this. If this place were a restaurant and I were owner-cook then I'd  feel comfortable charging $25.00 for three tacos. Oh, you can get them cheaper of course, but you cannot get them like this, not with the best ingredients. 

For three small taco-size tortillas I used 3/4 cup flour, about 1 + 1/2 tablespoon lard, and 3/4 teaspoon baking powder, 1/3 teaspoon salt, thereabout, and this time oregano is added to the dough, with sufficient water to bring the dough together and have the dough slightly wet and soft. Water direct from the faucet in two careful increments. 

I do not have sour cream but I do have plenty of heavy cream. About 1/5 cup heavy cream poured into a ramekin with one teaspoon rice vinegar, but it could be any vinegar. Within a few minutes the cream became thick as sour cream and does for scrambled eggs the exact same thing.

Scrambled eggs prepared as a failed Hollandaise sauce. Tiny curds form within 30 seconds of the large nob of cold butter completely melting by whisking continuously reaching into the corners of the pot. 

Jalapeños added after the scrambled eggs are completely finished, plus salt and pepper. Anything can be added at this point, cayenne, nutmeg, herb, lime juice, spices, mushrooms, whatever you like. 

Robusto cheese, lettuce, tomato with cilantro prepared mise en place for my personal preference for tacos. There was more of that taco filling remaining than tortillas, good bread portion maintenance there, eh? That there is what you call natural born Weight Watchers proclivity.

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