Spätzle, jalapeño corn

Mythical Parmigiano Reggiano

Quite a combination, eh? Who would think of that? Nobody, that's who. Another vegetarian dinner. Both sauces have butter and Vermouth. The spätzle sauce has the cheese and water used to boil the noodles. The corn has only butter and Vermouth.

The noodles are made the peasant way by plopping a glob of loose egg noodle paste onto a small wooden cutting board and quickly dipping the whole glob into the water, then using a straight knife smearing a portion across the board, quickly dipping the smear, wood and all into the water and back out and rapidly scrapping off a wet noodle from the smear into the hot water, no longer boiling. Just simmering lightly. Another noodle from the smear, another noodle, another noodle, another smear, and so on until the glob is depleted. Ta-daa. No rolling pin. 

The loose dough is made with egg and milk and semolina + all purpose flour. 

100% all purpose flour would be too pasty for me.
100% semolina would be too sturdy. 

So a compromise then. 

This method achieves longer spätzle than the machines that resemble potato ricers. 

Here is a woman doing this, if the video is still up on YouTube. She's much more deft than I. No muss, no fuss. It's fun. 

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