blueberry turnovers

A sharp sturdy bench scrapper is used to curl slices off a cold stick of butter lengthwise resulting in irregular slices but it speeds the process considerably. Cold dough is layered with cold butter over 2/3 its surface then folded in thirds for three layers of dough and two layers of butter

Turned and rolled and folded again as the dough is warming to room temperature and still malleable but not warm enough to melt the butter. Twice, Three times, four times, if possible, then returned to the refrigerator for the butter to re-harden.

Rolled out and folded a few more times. I did not bother marking and counting, I just repeat rolling and folding in thirds until I feel it is enough layers. No point in getting carried away with it. Returned to the refrigerator again before the final rolling out much larger than the pan used to transport the dough

Blueberry mixture prepared with brown sugar, vermouth, and scant almond cognac, with corn starch to thicken. Microwaved. Insufficient thickened so scant flour from the board to compensate. Tasted. Rather bland, scant sugar added with scant salt. The mixture is not sweet.

Produced twelve turnovers. Six were placed in three sandwich bags and put in my backpack and taken to a medical marijuana dispensary a few blocks away where the people there are working on Sundays. The place was quiet and empty of customers with four employees on staff. They were delighted to receive my surprise gift. At least they acted so.

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