stuffed poblano enchilada

Mum made baked green bell peppers stuffed with rice and hamburger with tomato base sauce. I never did care much for that meal as a kid but I did grow to accept it. A baked green pepper was at the edge of things I could tolerate as a child. This is the same idea but better. Much more interesting. I'm not sure it is suitable for children. 

If you have not yet discovered the miracle product masa harina and the wonder of poblano pepper, then you are missing two of Mexico's finest contributions to the culinary world. 

Masa harina is hominy in powder form. Hominy is field corn soaked in alkali to rid it of its hard pericarp shell. The process developed by early native South Americans and makes maize more easily digestible and nutrients more accessible and imparts a wonderful unforgettable flavor.

Poblano is a mild green chile pepper with slightly more capsaicin heat than sweet bell pepper that has no capsaicin heat at all. 

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