fried eggs, seasoned hamburger, potato salad breakfast

Olive oil mostly, wine vinegar, generous anchovy paste, mustard powder, those are the harsh things that penetrate deeply into hot starchy potato pieces that soak it in like a sponge, a needy groping grasping sponge. Counteracted and moderated with honey. Seasoned further with familiar oregano, sage, fennel, pepper but no salt, the anchovy does that. The potato dehydrated somewhat in the microwave absorbs a lot of the dressing, much more than coating a tossed salad. The starchy potato seeks to restore moisture balance from microwave abuse and WHAM-O, it drags into itself intensely flavored oil instead.

Scallion and parsley are added.

Similarly, the minced meat is flavored liberally with chile powder, garlic powder, mustard powder, Worcestershire sauce and wine vinegar, oregano and sage. This is 80% not so lean and with all the dry powder absorbing fat and holding it, additional bacon fat is included. So flavored throughout in multiple ways and helped with additional moisture. The hamburger is pressed directly into the pan. It is shaped with a shallow dent in the center so that it doesn't bulge as it shrinks.

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