white bread

This bread is made quickly, as far as bread goes. 

There is two level teaspoons of commercial yeast, a lot for this amount of dough, one teaspoon sugar, fast food for the yeast, and about one tablespoon powdered milk because yeast loves that stuff. 

One cup + 1/3 cup water very hot water thereabout, straight from the kitchen faucet, with sufficient a/p flour added in increments to create a workable dough, roughly 3 cups unsifted. The dough is not kneaded, rather it is stretched by holding  the pile and allowing its weight to pull down and stretch while twirling the end of the wad in my hands. As it stretches the lumpy snake is folded in half and the process repeated until the flour fully hydrates and the dough smoothes. Basically, playing with dough. Alternately I hold the pile in my hand and pull out an edge to stretch it and fold it back onto the wad, rotate the wad in my hand and repeat with a new edge until the pile is stretched all around. creating  a smooth skin as if forming a boule. When you keep doing that all the outer dough eventually stacks, becomes the center of the dough, and continuing in this manner recycles to the outer dough again. This is how you get the feel of the dough in your hands.

Baked at 425℉ for 30 minutes, its internal temperature checked with instant read thermometer, the target temperature 200℉.

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