chicken breast, Dixon chile pepper, tossed green salad, honey mustard

Dressing is started with juice of half a lime. Avocado is rolled in the juice, one teaspoon remains in the bowl. Rice vinegar augments the lime juice to three teaspoons, three teaspoons of olive oil, mustard powder, a few teaspoons honey, salt/pepper. Altogether the dressing and salad is very good tasting with hints of tart lime and bitter Belgian endive and biting radish all moderated by sweetness of honey and flatness of avocado.

Half Dixon chile powder and half flour, salt/pepper. Double dipped, drenched in milk for thicker tastier crust. The combination is excellent. The crust tends to burn.

I could easily eat twice this amount. It is hard not to be a pig about it. I comfort myself with the knowledge I can have this again anytime that I want.

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Rob said...

Juice of half a lime requires a second mortgage these days. Just saw that the supermarket is selling limes for $1.50 apiece today. I can't even contemplate what Whole Foods and Balducci's must be charging. Suddenly the drug war in Mexico is having real consequences.

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