Pete's Central 1, Denver, Colorado

Greek restaurant on Pearl at Alameda. Parking is spotty along Pearl street in the neighborhood of Royal Crest Dairy.

I've been here several times and it is very good and reasonably priced too. This time, however, we ordered the special instead of anything uniquely Greek, the whole point of going, and that was a mistake. Usually you cannot go wrong with the special, but not tonight. 

Very ample plates piled high with food. Bone-free pork chops that I can do as well myself here at home, spaghetti noodles that stuck together with very plain marinara sauce that seemed to come out of a tin, I can do better myself, and plain corn that I do better myself. A Greek style salad with a lot of elements all jumbled, that I do better myself, and soup that I surpass here at home. All five things I can and do better myself every day and without even trying right here at home. It was not a good night to go out. My friend had been traveling and picked up some kind of crud in flight by their recycled air. He was feeling ill and took only a few bites of one his two pork chops, that was it. He even ignored alcohol, no wine, nor drink, denied ouzo, and that is really weird. Had this not been planned in advance, it would have been better staying at home.

But that was us.

Having said all that I still recommend this place. But I recommend having something that is Greek, and having it with some kind of alcohol. 

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NotquiteunBuckley said...

I agree about alcohol.

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