Welsh rarebit

This version has ale, not all versions do. Odd, for breakfast I know, but hey so what, that's how we roll. 

This is my own bread made quickly with double the usual commercial yeast. It is not fortified with butter nor egg although it does have scant powdered milk and scant sugar but only to feed the yeast fast food. It is very light, but not so light as white Wonder bread.

Most versions you will see online in images will stop right here and not bother passing the sandwich under the broiler to brown the cheese within the sauce.

Welsh rarebit is similar to croque-monsieur, a French ham and cheese sandwich where cheese is provided in the form of sauce and browned by direct heat of the oven's broiler. 

This differs from American approach where cheese sandwich or grilled ham and cheese, or grilled cheese and ham with egg that simply melts cheese slices within the sandwich by a stovetop frying pan, or pressed in a panini grill. You can duplicate the panini method even if you are without such a double sided panini grill by preheating a separate pan or a pot on a burner and using the heat of its bottom and its weight to press the sandwich. If the pot is insufficiently heavy it can be partially filled with water but that limits the heat to 212℉.

This Welsh rarebit, like a croque-monsieur, has the cheese carried in a sauce and browned under a broiler, so it involves a stovetop pot and the oven broiler. The difference is the English versions uses cheddar cheese and French croque-monsieur generally uses some kind of Swiss cheese. And of course the béchamel this time is made with ale and not milk. The flavor ingredients also differ somewhat, specifically the English version has Worcestershire sauce featuring tamarind a carryover from the British raj.

Some versions of Welsh rarebit include a fried egg on the top, and that then resembles French version of the same grilled cheese sandwich with egg the French call croque-madame, "crunchy lady." 

All of this has its faster American translation that forgoes a sauce altogether and the broiler, along with whatever alcohol the sauce may have and whatever spices. Welsh rarebit is a cheese sandwich made by European sensibility of sauce and broiler.

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