banana with peanut, oatmeal and chile

Oatmeal is toasted first in a dry pan until it changes color then with butter added for additional flavor and to help salt adhere. The idea is derived from crumble topping that sometimes includes oatmeal, here it is toasted stovetop instead of baked. The same pan is used for the rest.

I intended to use pecans but could not find the jar, then after tossing raw peanuts into the pan for substitution, then the jar of pecans magically showed itself. And that is Nature's way of saying, try raw peanuts instead. They are cooked in the pan with butter and brown sugar so they do not stay raw for long. A teaspoon of peanut butter is included to help spread the flavor of peanut throughout.

Chile powder is added to the brown sugar and butter and peanuts because I like it.

This combination of peanut with sweetness and hot chile is inspired by Thais who adore this sort of wild combination, and so do I. 

Vermouth and banana liquor added to finish because I like wine with butter, they make an excellent sauce. It contributes depth like you wouldn't believe.

Heavy cream drizzled on top after plating because the whole thing appeared too gloomy and dark. 

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