angelhair soup

this is the one that goes huge when clicked

Billed as the sort of thing one tosses together when arriving home late from the clubs, if one could be trusted with a knife that late in the day. Or early. I make this all the time because it can be fixed in the amount of time it takes to bring a pot of water to boil and cook a wad of angel hair pasta, which is fairly fast. Ingredients vary. Can be as simple as broccoli or elaborated into something nearly spectacular.

This is fun. Sear on high. Blacken a side or two. Toss in your favorite things for a quick burn, then right when it seems it might all go black, splash in about 1/2 cup of wine. It sizzles dramatically. Quickly evaporates off but leaves everything infused with a flavorful acid. Add chicken stock. Liquid gold™ if you have it, and you do have it, otherwise, the stuff in a carton is great.

Parmesano Reggiano elevates the dish to a whole 'nuter level.

Here used both Reggiano and Fontina

My chile flakes. I growed 'em, I chopped 'em.

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