omelet sort of

or omelette, depending on how fine a point you want to put on precise spelling of words from France. It's a stuffed egg thing that borders on a burrito -- stuffed with things your mum would approve. A real French omelette is unstuffed, just perfectly prepared egg lightly cooked and tapped out onto a warm plate. Possibly a light sprinkling of cheese, that's all, light sprinkling or none.

But what fun is that?

My mum, on the other hand, would add soy sauce.

The chips can stand alone. By chip, I mean an actual chip off the old potato. For some reason an irregular wedge shape does well with the Belgian method of blanch then dehydrate-fry on high heat for crispy outside, soft inside. Yum. The perfect vehicle for salt. And catsup. Or catsup plus habaƱero sauce. Or salsa. Or onion dip. Or mayonaise plus curry. Or mustard, or a cheese sause, or tsatsiki -- that yogurt stuff with cucumber, or fondu, or alfredo sauce, or something. Or nothing at all.

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