This stuffisn't quite dark enough.So I fried it.Seemed the natural thing to do. I do this all the time with nuts to warm the oil and draw it to the surface. Stirred continuously but still set off the smoke alarm, testy little thing, reacts so incredibly loudly to a few lousy whiffs of smoke, which is stupid because that forces you to shut it off which means momentarily leaving the thing that's causing the smoke. It never fails to go off at the worst possible moment. Later there's this rapping at the door, then another impatient rapping, maintenance, said she smelled something in the hallway, asked if anything's burning. There were honestly only a few whiffs of smoke. I removed it immediately but then retuned it and stirred until it whiffed again. Four times. I might do this again until they turn shiny black like the other beans.

Anyway, darker is better.

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