Capsicum Chinense,

grown in a windowsill and torn up.

This will be pulverized.

So called because they resemble little Chinese lanterns. They have nothing whatever to do with China. Like all chiles, ALL chiles, they originate in Central and South America. That's notwithstanding the place names given to chiles beyond these continents. Thai chiles, Indian chiles, Hungarian paprika, all have Cristóbal Colón and his opening the New World to Europe to thank. Habanero is the generic word for the hottest of all types of chiles, habañero, the word the tilde on on the, refers to a person or thing that originates from Havana, pronounced habana, or for a person who returns after making dinero elsewhere.

Those little bits attached to the seeds will burn your face off. The seeds themselves are inert, heat-wise, the membrane attached to them, however, watch out.

Should have photographed them before I tore them up, they were cute as all get out. Oh well. There was red, orange, and yellow. The plants all performed differently in the windowsill. I forgot which ones I bought from the catalog, then it occurred to me I have the seeds. Yay for seeds.

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