sourdough experiment Denver

This experiment demonstrates sourdough cultures can be quickly cultivated from airborne and terrestrial sources but it does not prove a culture unique to Denver because it was fed uncertain flour as part of the cultivation process. Therefore another experiment was necessary.

Bread unique to Denver.

This will be an attempt to get a yeast culture that is unique to my location that isn't merely an extension of what comes attached to the flour, although that could be perfectly good in its own right. Confident two days is enough, it will be left as long as it takes to get at least a couple of good breezy days. Time sufficient for hapless detached organisms to fall into our catch-pool. The verticle blinds are moving, that's a good sign.

Sterilizing the flour to disprove hitch hiking organisms. Heat makes the granules unravel and a small amount gets thick quickly. This got up to 170˚F, which is 20˚ higher than needed to kill most any living single cell. I almost steamed the flour but then imagined the mess. Anyway, here goes.

This is going into a bowl and onto the balcony.

Checked later Saturday. When the mixture fully cooled it turned into firm gelatin like substance. Added water to loosen it up. Light breeze pretty much all day.

Checked Sunday. Good and wet. Noticed a gnat. No wait, too cold, just some black dot.

Monday checked again, still wet. Gentle breeze. Temperature 45˚F

Tuesday, checked, it solidified again so I loosened it again added water.

Wednesday, observed the substance separated, some dirt blew in it, picked it out. Left it with water on top.

Thursday skipped

Friday procrastinated all day until there was no Friday left.

Saturday 12:00 am Recovered sample from patio cleaned it up, mixed with fresh flour enough to level off one cup. Prepared control of uninoculated mixture of flour and water to one cup.

control plus Denver
It's on!

This is interesting:

11:00 am Saturday Denver slightly more active than control.

The situation reverses an hour and a half later.

12:20 pm Saturday control slightly more active than Denver.

click for biggity big to see tiny bubbles

Oh, merde! iterranian.

Just realized why this experiment doesn't prove what I want.

Back to the drawing board. Grief. I must contrive an experiment with a Denver collection that doesn't get fed.

Feeding it contaminated it with the same organisms the control is shown to be harboring.

Shame to waste all that, very well, here goes, new experiment.

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