roasted duck

The duck was brined and roasted on low for hours until meat began to pull away from bone. Finished on med high heat.

Honestly didn't know what we were doing so simply roasted it unstuffed over water -- the water to collect excessive oil if there was to be any. No vegetables, no herbs, nothing but the brine which contained a large amount of dried herbs, chiefly rosemary, and a piece of ginger.

This plate of duck pieces might not look like much heaped unartistically, but I tell you the flavor is addictive right past it becoming cold. It's very hard to keep off it. I'm already imagining a bunch of things to do with these pieces starting with eating them straight up. Cold. Right out of the refrigerator. Using fingers. Right now.

Dressing; olive oil, lemon, with a speck of Dejon style mustard

Salad; Romaine, tomato, avocado, mushroom, cucumber, feta.

The meal plated looked like this.

Robb made mashed potatoes like this.

And then there's this pot with the duck carcass and vegetables and aromatics ↓

Duck soup.

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