ice cream

pineapple macadamian

Frozen custard, ice cream, I don't know, has cooked egg yolk if that defines it for you.

I keep making the same mistake and show no indication of learning. I persist in expecting a small amount of cream to carry a boat load of extraneous material. An entire pineapple went into a single quart of cream + Half & Half, which mathematically would make it 3 cups cream and 1 cup of milk. Plus about a cup and a half of macadamia nuts. Plus ginger and that's entirely too much. It occurs to me now, it would be possible to pack that much pineapple if I bothered to reduce it to an intense syrup -- an extreme supersaturated pineapply sludge. I mean reduction.

Almost forgot, used two Mexican vanilla beans, which is an extravagance, but I didn't want to use extract and and it would be worse to let them go old. What would be ridiculously cost-prohibitive otherwise is made possible by the miracle that is eBay; a single bean at the usual market is something like $5.00, compared with, hang on, just looked, buy now on eBay $15.00 for quarter pound plus $4.00 shipping. You can see how this could cause one to use vanilla with undisciplined abandon.

Too crystalline, don't recommend it. Quick! Cover it with warm chocolate ganache.

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