green chili

Last of the Mohicans, a frozen block in the freezer, still amazing after all these years. Pork something something

click to taste this

Could have been hotter.

Oh, now I know. A pork shoulder and #10 can (restaurant size) green non-descript chiles. Then, cans of everything else to equal that. It was can-opening day. When I was done I felt dismayed. It wasn't nearly hot enough and posessed lackluster character. Added heat in various ways, increased dry spices, pretty much doubled them, even powdered garlic instead of real garlic. I hate remembering this, what was I thinking? Recalling how this batch was made causes me to wonder how it could be so delicious now when so recently forlornly frozen. Maybe my taste buds have no discrimination.   note to self: have taste buds checked. Green chili shouldn't have been this good.

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