rib eye stew

This goes big when clicked, much bigger,
actually, than the original thing.

I suppose it's a stew. Started out with aspirations of being a meat pie. Then decided didn't want to bother with a crust, just make dumplings instead, then decided dumplings are totally superfluous. See? Now this is how one maintains a boyish figure, decisions like that, but it does leave one oddly wanting to make a pie crust just to fill it with something.

It's sacrilege to cube a rib-eye and dust it with seasoned flour, but that's just the way I roll. You can see up there ↑ the carnal portion out of proportion to vegetable. The cubes of meat were satisfying the whole time the dish was being prepared and long after the dish pictured was finished off. There was a little pile left in the pan I seared everything in, kind of drying out, hours had elapsed with it just sitting on the stove uncovered. It was time to clean up the mess I made and wash the pans. I really should have tossed the unused portion, instead, I turned up the heat, added liquid gold™, brought to a bubbling boil, then ate it, and I must say, if it's possible to be better reheated that way then it was. Better that way. So one single slab of rib-eye had me grooving pretty much all day on dead cow meat, which strikes me as seriously decadent. I'm going to feel all that saturated animal fat coming out of my pores.

Almost forgot; those little white cubes up there are chunks of Fontina. They're sprinkled throughout the pot, added at the end. Without being stirred, they melt into a little cheesy areas. Intriguingly palatable whenever I'd hit a melty cheese area. Now, here's a demonstration of mad skillz that gives a glimpse to a particular peculiar genius. Who would think of hiding chunks of cheese from oneself in a dish like this and then be genuinely surprised at discovering them?

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