roaster chicken


Yes, you get great chicken from such a roaster but I'm in it for the broth, liquid gold, this home-made stuff from roasters.

I don't care much for this technique. Although an aluminum can up the bum of a chicken delivers heat and moisture to the center, it shows disrespect toward food. There's gotta be a better way.

Laziest mirepoix I ever saw. It's supposed to be diced finely.

Did I mentioned I brined the roaster? Hours in the fridge.

The color comes out unevenly propped up with garlic bulbs like that. The garlic buffered heat at the base preventing browning. Wouldn't recommend wedging with vegetables if color is important but it's fine if it's not, and all the roasted garlic is great, squishing it out of the paper is fun. Mmmmm roasted garlic.

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