sourdough Northwest

Diced onion and French cream cheese on small dense sourdough discs. This serving wasn't enough. Went back for more, double actually. Then went back for more until I devoured 1/2 the loaf. The rest was left out, got hard, tossed. No sense in messing around when there's a whole new batch of something similar coming around soon enough.
Three short loaves fit in a brownie pan, three longer loaves fit in an elongated brownie pan. The slices are thin. I can't possibly eat all this bread so I usually give away 2/3. This time, more like 5/6. The bread is about 50% whole wheat milled at home and 50% AP from Sam's Club. It's more flavorful than sour and it's simply addictive. It's best right out of the oven and it doesn't keep all that well.

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