gnocchi nearly

Fried gnocchi. *ducks* Please don't throw anything. That's the closest thing to this colossal mistake I could think of. I have only myself to blame. This is proof that God loves me, for He leadeth me to adjusteth for mistakeths made through utter carelessness and fixeth me up with something incredibly and addictively delicious. eth.

double dog dare you to look at BIG

Let the sturdy protective outside and the moist and delicate inside, through the most regrettable complacency, combine and become as one! Fry this confederation in oil and butter, for everything is improved with butter, then all will be well and all is forgiven.

Leftover potatoes, or progressive state potatoes as we call them for they are forward leaning.
grated onion, so fine, so beautiful it brings tears of joy
ounces of sour cream for tang and for fluff
egg and egg yolk, seems a senseless waste of egg white.
baking soda to mix with the acid in sour cream along with
baking powder which is a doubly reactive mixture of baking soda, which is a salt, and two salt-acids, one that reacts to moisture and another reactive to heat. They induce puffiness puffiness like a grade school volcano science project. But you don't want too much puff and you don't want to over salt, so use but a little. Mustn't overdo it.

Naturally I overdid the whole thing. Didn't know four little potatoes makes enough to feed an army. Well, an army composed of no more than a few units. And if those units weren't all that hungry. And if the soldiers were perhaps all small in stature, say, pygmies. Pygmies observing Ramadan, yes, there would be enough to handle that circumstance.

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