bloody Mary, bacon and cheese chipotle breadsticks

I must charge $25.00 based on the bloody Mary I had yesterday at The Art.

Mr. & Mrs. T's Bloody Mary mix, bold and spicy version, is an excellent drink all by itself and a real shame to mess it up with anything. 

So is Clamato.

So is Mr. & Mrs. T's bold and spicy Bloody Mary combined with Clamato. I went through quarts of these things before finally messing them up with vodka. 

Just a teeny-tiny tad of Worcestershire and the same amount, about 1/8 teaspoon of horseradish, the trick is not overdo them, and generous celery salt so the whole thing is filled with specks. And if you want to really show off then heat the seeds first so they burst with celery flavor and go sizzling into the cold mixed juices. Man, that is good, even without any vodka. 

Yesterday I was at a nearby stylist shop and spent about half an hour there, upon leaving one of the workers called out from behind glass, "It'd be alright if you brought us some more your cheese breadsticks." 

The last couple batches I've been using a single slab of thickly sliced bacon, too thick to use as breakfast bacon, the stuff always cooks to pork jerky. I don't know what people do with it. It flavors beans excellently and this is another way of using its flavor by spreading it among 2 cups of flour. The bacon is pulverized to powder as much as possible with a portion of flour then added to the batch of developing dough. The bacon strip is frozen and diced and cooked to render its fat. The crispy browned bacon bits separated from rendered fat. The fat, a tablespoon or so, is brought to 1/4 cup with olive oil. Now, bacon-favored olive oil. The 1/2 cup of flour with pulverized bacon bits combined in the dough with grated parmesan cheese. The best bacon, although just a little, and the best cheese, but just a little, and chipotle powder but only very little of that or else people complain they're too hot, 1/4 teaspoon for 2 cups deadening flour, barely sufficient to be noticed, but it is noticed. Bacon, the predominant flavor, and all from a single thick slice.

See? 1/4 cup exactly. We bakers like to use precise measurements. Actually, I wanted more because 1 cup of water is used this time instead of 3/4 and that will take more flour. That was done because the bacon is strong, too strong and needs a larger amount. More cheese because more flour because more water. 

These are for the shop. They must be rebaked to dehydrate, possible twice. I may update with the finished dealio.

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