potato, brocoli, chicken gravy

The sauce originated as cooking liquid for a single chicken breast. Not much flavor there, but none of the flavor available in the chicken breast is lost. The buttermilk is flavored mildly with a variety of my favorite spices, all in moderation, coriander, cumin, even less fennel, and chipotle for smoky heat, and butter and tablespoons of Marsala. It is very good but a bit weak and a bit too much at 2 cups total. The remainder is reheated today with water to loosen and, this is cheating a bit, scrapings from a Mexican chicken bullion cube, about 1/4 a cube to pump up the chicken flavor a bit. I have no idea what that cube is, mostly chemicals or salts, I suppose, and very little actual chicken.


I've got my sunset act down, now all I have to do is wait for the earth to swing around the far long fat side of its elliptical orbit and get back to summer for spectacular Colorado sunsets, meanwhile I'm still learning things in Photoshop and Adobe Bridge and also Automator in Mac all for handling massive amounts of data as raw photo files. They must be raw so that their midtone can be adjusted all at once to bring out detail in shadows of buildings, raw files can adjust the whole stack at once. Well over a hundred photos at 4288 pixels wide and 10.2MB each, hardly enough space on my little laptop that struggled to rearrange space for them, are reduced to 400 pixels wide and their brilliant detail reduced to glaucoma-level and only 4MB total, less than half the data for a single photo for the whole stack of 124 photos. Pretty good optimization, eh? It can go even lower, to 2MB or even lower to below 1MB. I hate shrinking photos, it's such an injustice. This is animated GIF, video form is better quality but much more megabytes.

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