two fried eggs poked with bacon and cheese breadsticks, round ice

Ice spheres, golf balls actually, tend to break in half at the seam when rushed out of their tight molds. Seepage between spheres forms a thin sheet inside sandwiching layers fixing them inside their pockets. They must be melted out and that's a shame, the golfball dimples melt too. 

Plus the wet balls refrozen stick to the ice cubes already accumulating inside a paper grocery bag. 

Ice is weird. It cannot be stored. Not in a home freezer. Ice is an odor magnet every ambient molecule blowing around inside by fan is cleaved to crystalline surface like a wet tongue to a frozen flagpole so every odor present inside the refrigerator and freezer is captured by ice. I'm imagining all this. Because I lifted to my nose a glass filled with ice from an automatic ice maker that deposits ice through the door. Most convenient smelliest ice in town. It's a thing. For drinks, for anything really, ice must be fresh. And here I am piling it up, violating that rule of ice. I'm hoping the grocery store paper bag odor is innocuous. 

I might as well eat a few eggs while waiting for the ice to melt. The usual idea is force it with running water.

The start is enough butter to make popcorn. There will be no problem sliding this egg out of the pan. It's swimming in butter. Butter is 20% water that is sizzled and popped and foamed out first for a minute so nothing is left but oil. 

Toast is better. 

But what toast has bacon already in it and cheese too? Bacon cheese crackers would be better for egg yolk puncturing and egg slurping. 

I tapped the back with a knife and a few broke showing again they really do need to melt out of their half domes with ridges to make golfballs look like flying saucers. 

Due to being melted out of their spaces then emergency refreezing is needed, the grocery bag already has cubed ice in it so when refrozen the spheres stuck onto the cubes amusingly into little random art forms. 

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