chicken breast, buttermilk gravy, peaches

Man, this is easy and fast and fantastic. It hits the spot. It hit the nail on the head like a chainsaw, blam, satisfied, just like that.

There is no preparation, just throw a chicken breast into a pressure pot. That's all.

The gravy was started as 2 cups cooking water for the chicken breast with poultry spices added, a mixture mostly sage, plus salt and pepper plus scant chipotle for its smoke and two tablespoons powdered butter milk. All that whisked and allow the chicken breast to marinade awhile right there in the pressure pot then the heat cranked up to cook. It cooks incredibly quickly. 

All that's left is whisk in some kind of wine, I used marsala, butter for body and flour to thicken. No need for a slurry or careful addition, with the whisk everything always turns out fine. The gravy forms as soon as the liquid boils again. That fast. 

Peaches are tinned. It doesn't get any easier than this. 

It needn't be a pressure pot. The same thing can be pulled off with chicken breasts flattened and treated as schnitzel fried in a pan, with buttermilk gravy done the same way.

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