pork chop, pinto beans

The bacon is extraordinary but cannot be used as regular bacon. I don't know what people do with this stuff. Two slices flavor an entire pound of pinto beans all by themselves with nothing additional. The flavor is perfect. The remaining bacon is packaged carefully for ease of separation and frozen to flavor things later. I hated being out of this stuff. 

The camera is acting up, a lot of photos were lost tonight. The package of pork chops says $7.00 LB, total $16.50, so a little over a LB each, and I must say, that is outrageously large. I honestly do not know why people do this except that it's fun. Half of the pork chop is saved for tomorrow, and that will happen with a dinner party too. Make sure there's plenty of take home packages ready.

Seared quickly and baked slowly 20 minutes to 150℉ internal temperature. Removed from oven, covered and rested, temperature rose to 160℉ by itself. This is considered medium. The chop is a bit dry. Next time the chops will be brined overnight and cooked to 140℉ so it rises on its own while resting to 150℉. 

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