salmon vierge, corn and peas

Vierge means virgin suggesting you didn't mess with it, pas molester, sans encumber.

That being the case the whole thing is remarkably fast. As fast as fish fries in a pan both sides and that's very fast. The fish is fried in butter, and there's half a sauce right there. The butter has no salt so that is added along with chile flakes and black pepper. The fish is flipped, still frying in generous butter browning to beurre noisette, wine splashed in to cool the pan and tomato, capers and lemon squeezed in. The whole thing takes, I'd say, two minutes. Now, at $50.00 a plate this here makes my service as cook valued at $1,500.00 an hour. Pay up. 

And you go, "How can something so fast be so impressively delicious?" 

The butter and the wine
And the fish and the vegetables:
Capers, corn, peas, tomatoes, separate fields of their own, separate farmers.
Are all brilliant things other people did before this. Food processed before this. The simple combination of their brilliant effort is simply combined brilliance. That is what tastes so good and that is how it assembles so quickly. 

But now that we're doing economics I find that I must pay $1,499.50 an hour overhead leaving 50¢ an hour for profit and fry fish all day and that's hardly worth the effort, save for a single fantastic lunch, and that is an insult and not worth my time so I close down and say, "Have a good day." ISAIDGOODDAY!

Sunrise this morning. 

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