bacon and jalapeño mac and cheese

Not my idea. It's from that college kid who was arrested for being drunk and obnoxious while being a privileged white boy. Up to his neck in debt for a college degree, a must where he comes from, and the guy can't get a mac and cheese on demand at off hours. 

My bacon stash. 

Just as I took the first bite through the first slippery noodles and the thick cheese flavor spread across my mouth the jalapeño bloomed to its heat and the cumin made itself noticed a faint knock on the door the deliberate sound of our UPS driver. "You're just in time for mac and cheese."

"Nah. No thank you."

"It has jalapeño and bacon in it." 

"Nah. Not for me."

"I just had my first bite. It's delicious. Have some." 


He brought two boxes, two separate orders, both the same thing with one tiny difference. Two reams of card stock paper. Man, am I glad that I noticed the flier from Quiznos downstairs. It's printed on the most excellent paper I've ever held in my hands. Perfect for pop-up cards. It's thin and rigid. At length I discovered it's coated with clay film and rolled under extreme pressure. Reviews on Amazon rate the product highly. Although somewhat expensive it is perfect for printing. That's what they're raving about on Amazon. 

The card paper changes everything. Now it's a whole new ballgame. 

Here is my pop-up card site if care to look at them. List at the bottom left. 

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