seared vegetables in cream

Burned vegetables, actually, and sauce made of straight cream. 

The pan is used to sear vegetables and steam them per their individual requirement. They are not fried all at once. A lid controls steam. Steam cuts off the sear and controls the extent of cooking. I want each piece burned on one side. They are not stirred around nor shaken.  

The same pan heats the flavor elements, exotic ingredients extracted from remote lands such as garlic and ginger and mustard and nutmeg and some kind of specific chile powder like cayenne or chipotle or habanero, smoky paprika, what have you. 

The fat in the cream distributes the charred flavor excellently.

Honey baked ham from the isolated hinterlands of West Virginia. This stuff is real. Although sliced for sandwiches, I don't care, it's great with everything.

This should be offered in restaurants.

The sauce is like thick soup and the extra is wonderful spooned from the plate. Perfect with bread.

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