curry chicken thighs, potato and onion.

Weird how it changes color on the plate, but it does.

It occurred to me the inexpensive grocery store chicken thighs might give as much or more flavor as these deli chicken thighs do. These bones are strong. To make broth I break them. The pressure pot method might work better at forcing out marrow from relatively weaker bones. Less wholesome broth but more of it. I don't know. I'll know when it cools and see how much turns to aspic. I'm imagining the whole thing will. So the remaining thighs will be stored as chicken confit. 

I almost had a guest tonight when I told the deli guy my plan and got to the part about pressure releasing the marrow inside the bones he asked, as they do, "When should I come over?" 

I was actually up for it. Why not?

This is how I like chicken, overcooked.

Cooked with skin because I want the fat. I actually want chicken fat. I could have bought boneless skinless chicken, but it looked so naked and hopeless. 

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