chicken and dumplings.

Curry chicken thighs and dumplings with mozzarella cheese inside them and fresh aromatics to kick it up a notch. Once they are blended in right there at the table the whole thing is suddenly different. 

Curry chicken thighs from a few days ago. 

The bowl contains as much flour as I think I can eat. As much salt as goes with that amount and enough baking soda to lift that amount when it combines with faint acid in the cream cheese. I don't have much butter or else I would use that. When cold water is added the ingredients will activate to foam.

The above photo is showing the grainy texture of the cream cheese cut into the dry ingredients. 

Mozzarella cheese is cut into cubes to insert inside the dumplings.

Cheese cube inside each dumpling.

Wow. I never had anything like that. Pennsylvania Dutch meets India and Italy and their collision is wonderful. Where will you even find a thing like this? I don't know. 

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