huevo ranchero, avocado and tomato, handmade flour tortillas

Well, these tortillas are excellent hot off the press. They are:

3/4 cup warm water, 
One tiny bit of lard and two tiny pats of butter. 
Enough flour to mix that completely. 
Baking powder 
More flour to form a loose wet and oily dough. 

It can be smacked back and forty patty cake style to form thick tortillas slightly larger than your hand but I am not clever enough to do that. So they're rolled roughly and fast and hard into irregular patches. These are hardly circular. Shaped more like amoebas. Then fried. It all goes very quickly and the two benefits are fresh hot tortillas and none extra. 

The pork was made a few days ago. It's very good. The flavors are homogenizing, less distinct.

A proper ranchero is served on the tortilla but keeping them separate is better.

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