smoked Gruyère pizza

With iceberg lettuce with balsamic and olive oil drizzled over. Broken dressing, as it were. The pizza could use more olive oil for dipping or sauce. The bread is a bit dry. And Gruyère is great melting cheese but not when it's smoked. Both times I roasted it the cheese firms up. I'll use regular Gruyère from now on. 

I missed breakfast and lunch and dinner, all day went by and it was well past midnight before starting this. The dough went so fast it made my head spin. I honestly think that I made it from scratch, grew the yeast so rapidly that it didn't take much longer than ordering one. That's always a great idea.

I had some really good olives on hand. And I don't even like olives that much. 

I realized this is a bread and water diet today. With cheese and few other things.

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