sirloin, mustard greens, baked potato

The second half of a sirloin roast shown earlier sliced thickly.

* soy sauce
* Worcestershire sauce
* dry mustard
* sherry vinegar
* sugar

Pecans are heating by carryover heat as the steak slices rest off the burner. 

* 3 strips thick bacon
* fennel seed
* salt and pepper
* sherry vinegar
* sugar

I'm not hungry. Not one bit. Perfectly satisfied. But I'm eating all this anyway, extra food on purpose in the gallant effort to fill out these 30 inch waist jeans. Without wearing t-shirt and regular shirt and a sweater layered and tucked in. I'm tired of my thinnest pants being loose, tired of there being a gap. The pants gap invites people inserting their hands. And that hand sticking is all well and good were it not for cold hands. So, extra food. I'm uncomfortably full. Eating without actually being hungry, I honestly don't know how people do this.

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