revitalized French fries

Turns out a double cheeseburger and French fries is too much. The amount of fries equals and entire russet potato, a large one.

They're horrible cold, just horrible.

From the refrigerator. Stored overnight.

Quart of oil heated to 360℉, the potatoes are cold and the temperature will drop. The target temperature 350℉ to fry only one minute to restore the potato's dehydrated surface and heat the inside.

I regard catsup a tomato-based sweet and sour sauce. It's the sort of thing that was originally something closer to garum, some kind of fermented fish sauce with something other than tomato for base. Then in the U.S. tomatoes took preference, fermented fish or anchovies omitted, with vinegar and sugar to punch out its profile. Then with herbs and spices including, garlic and ginger another Asian combination. Possibly tamarind like Worcestershire sauce has (with anchovy). This red tomato sauce is most likely much brighter altogether while earlier versions much richer and deeper.

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